Getting started with Social Media – Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers

The popularity of Social media is widely recognised and there are a lot of articles and blogs extolling the virtues of Social Media marketing for businesses. In theory it is cheap, easy and productive for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

However, in practice, many small businesses and consultants are unsure of how to use Social Media to attract clients and customers to their business. Many make a spirited start with their Social Media only to be disheartened after a few weeks and they then let it fade away.

What it offers

Social Media offers businesses a chance to connect with new and repeat customers on a regular basis. The infrastructure needed is inexpensive using free platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but it does require an investment of time to make it work.

How it works

The best way to think of Social Media is as an ongoing conversation. It is not a one hit advertising outlet like a leaflet drop or a paid ad in a publication. Instead it is a steady drip feed of connection with potential customers.

Little and often

Ideally, you would comment on your social media every day reflecting on current issues, things in the news, and anything about your business that you want to share and draw attention to. The comments are best kept short; a Tweet is just 144 characters and a Facebook comment can be anything from a few words to a few sentences.

Interact and chat

To build up your Likes and Followers you need to interact with people on social media and show them that you are interested in what they have to say. Liking and Following others and then commenting on their pages or retweeting their tweets opens up opportunities for connections.

Similarly, you need to check your direct messages in Facebook and Twitter every day and reply to any queries or greetings.

What exactly are Likes and Followers?

If someone Likes your page in Facebook or Follows you in Twitter, your posts will show up in their home feed. When people login to Facebook/Twitter they will often scan down their feed to see what people have been saying. This is one way your messages get seen.

How do I make my Facebook/Twitter profiles attractive to customers?

There are two factors to an attractive Facebook/Twitter profile:

1. Cohesive and attractive design – The look of your accounts should reflect your branding (logo, style, colours) so that you are instantly recognisable. We explore this in more detail in our earlier post Online Marketing (Light).

2. Current and interesting comments – When someone lands on your profile, it is important that they see you have something to say. If your profile hasn’t had a comment for a month or your comments are dull and repetative they are unlikedly to Like or Follow you.

What do I actually SAY?

One successful strategy with Social Media is to have a little fun. People use their Facebook and Twitter time as recreation and they do respond well to a bit of lightness and fun. On Coastal VAs Facebook/Twitter we always have a light post on a Friday, something for the weekend.

Another excellent way to comment is to share your knowledge. If you are expert in a field, share your knowledge. You can also comment on issues in the news or on blogs/articles you have read. This highlights your expertise and can be something of value for your Likes/Followers.

Promote and share your blog. Each week when we write this blog we let people know via Facebook and Twitter. A blog is a chance to expand further on topics and issues and it is great, unique and current content for you to share on your Social Media.


At Coastal VAs we are happy to help with your Social Media. We can help with a cohesive and attractive design for your profiles and we can manage the ongoing posting and interacting. We are very experienced with Social Media, so we can work efficiently and effectively on your behalf.

If you would like to discuss your Social Media needs, please do contact us!