Email Marketing – Why Do It?

We would advise every business to do an Email Marketing campaign on a regular basis.

Why? because it reminds people about you and your services.

Every time your contacts receive an email from you it is a gentle reminder about you and your business. Even if they don’t open the email, they will still have seen it pop into their email inbox and they will be reminded of your company and your services. By emailing regularly, you are more likely to catch them just when they are thinking “Now where can I get ______ ?” or “Who would be good to help me with ______?”
This week I received several emails that I didn’t open, but because they had a meaningful title I remember them. I may still go back and take advantage of the offers they mentioned…

– 20% off all food (at my favourite Italian restaurant)

– Here is a Little Treat For You (from a local shop)

– We now have an in store stylist, book a free appointment today (from a clothing store)

– Last chance to book our Easter Holiday school (for kids holiday activities)

Our top tips for successful email marketing are:

1) Schedule a newsletter on a regular basis, but not too regular (once a fortnight or once a month should be enough).

2) Make sure you use an email marketing platform that allows people to unsubscribe from your newsletters – we love MailChimp.

3) Use a catchy title, so people remember your newsletter and are encouraged to open it.

4) Try to use a from email with your company url at the end (e.g we use Many email newsletters with now end up in people’s junk files.

If you would like help with you email marketing please do get in touch. We can assist with set up and give you some guidance on good practice or you can delegate the whole process to us.