Is it really worthwhile doing email marketing?

This month at Coastal VAs we have been investigating the question “Is it really worthwhile doing email marketing?”

The answer is a resounding YES!

There are a multitude of current articles exploring the statistics of email marketing and they all come to the same conclusion. Email marketing works!

The most succinct article we found was by Graham Jones, Business 2 Community. In it, he explores why email marketing is still the most successful form of online marketing despite the rising number of emails we all receive.

One of the key points highlighted by Graham is that people are increasingly using different platforms for different types of communication. So, for example, you may say “I use What’s App for chatting with friends and family” or “I use LinkedIn for business networking”.

With all the channels of communication available to us the question becomes what do we use email for? The answer is that for more and more of us email is the place where we EXPECT to be marketed to.

This rings very true for me personally. I like to get my special offers in my email in box. Like most of you, I just delete them when they aren’t relevant to me, but I still read that subject line and see that seller even when I don’t open the email. And… every now and then the exact right offer appears just when I need it. That’s why I don’t unsubscribe from the companies I like.

Equally I like to get information in my email inbox. I like companies who educate and inform me and make me think. There is an accountant who emails me regularly and I really appreciate his tips and guidelines. They make me reflect on the best practices I want to apply in my business.

If you are already doing your own email marketing then well done! Keep up the good work. If however you are struggling to get started or have lost your way with your email marketing plan we are here to help.

Coastal VAs offers two options for email marketing. The first is an ongoing monthly plan where we take care of your email marketing for you. The second is a Mailchimp Set Up plan where we create your Mailchimp account, design your template, send your first email campaign and then train you on the system so that you can do your own email marketing going forward.

Email marketing works! Make sure you are part of the conversation.

If you would like more information on either of our email marketing options, please do get in touch.