Executive Administration

As Executive Assistants we:

  • Bring strategic thinking to you work
  • Break projects into doable tasks and set timeframes and goals
  • Monitor project progress and address potential issues
  • Suggest improved ways, including web-based systems, to deliver your work
  • Provide excellent client-facing and internal communication
  • Report and escalate issues to you as needed
We can take on a range of responsibilities in your business including:

Manage your emails – We ensure your clients and others receive timely, accurate and professional replies. We build up our knowledge of your business along with templates of standard replies and messages so that we can take the day to day emails off your plate.

Invoicing and Receipts – We create, send and track your invoices to keep the money flowing in.

Project Management – We assist as needed in delivering your services to your clients. Managing workflows, creating and delivering documents and looking after your clients on your behalf.

Event Management – We can help with all aspects of your events including preparing presentations and materials, finding and liaising with the venue, communicating with the attendees and answering their questions both before and after the event.

Data Management – We keep your client data organised and secure. This includes Client Relationship Management (CRM) and other databases/spreadsheets.

Website Management – We can advise on website content, make simple edits to your site and upload blog posts for you. We can also liaise with your website manager to coordinate design or structure changes.

Email Newsletters – We can deliver all aspects of email marketing from setting up your account and templates to planning your campaigns and writing your content.

Travel Arrangements – We are happy to book domestic travel for you. For international travel we have a Travel Counsellor who we work with to ensure your flights and accommodation are booked through accredited and registered suppliers.

Research – We can do research on any topic that will help you improve your business. This can include researching competitors, products, services, venues and more.

Diary Management – Ensuring every day runs smoothly for you!

This is not an exhaustive list of all that we do, if there is a service not listed that you need help with please get in touch to discuss the details and we will put a perfect plan in place just for you and your business.