Why working from home works (well, it does for me!)

I never imagined that I would be self employed and work from home, it all happened after a phone call out of the blue 6 years ago. I had 2 preschool children and work was the last thing on my mind. But that phone call made me think, wouldn’t it be great to start doing something ‘non mummy’ and earn an income again? I took a chance and became a Virtual Assistant; it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

What was great about the job then is still great today. I am able to adapt my working day to accommodate my family’s needs, I get out and meet friends, do exercise classes and even go for a walk on the beach when ever I fancy. Even more importantly for me, I get to use my brain! All my skills and experience go into my work, I’m constantly learning and I achieve some amazing results. It really does feel like I have it all.

Of course, there are some challenges, but for me the benefits of working from home far outweigh them.

The top challenges for working at home and how I overcome them….

1. Time Disappears – It’s amazing how time can slip away when you aren’t looking. I find it is essential to plan my day carefully. Every minute counts, so I plan ahead for work time, house time, family time and even down time. I’m strict with my schedules.

2. Working From Home Can Be Lonely – I’m lucky as I have always worked as part of an online team. First as a sub-contractor and now as a partner in Coastal VAs. My team mates and I use skype to stay in touch throughout the day. It is amazing how a few lines of text can connect you and I rarely feel alone.

3. People Think It’s “Not A Proper Job” – This one drives me crazy. It seems the idea of working from home is still considered “not a real job”. Why location should make any difference to whether you are working or not is beyond me. So, this is one I am still working on…

4. You Get Jam On Your Laptop – Jam, grapefruit, unidentified small sticky fingerprints… I often work at the kitchen table as it is the nicest room in the house, but there is an associated risk to the health of my laptop. Never mind, it is a small price to pay 😉

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