Walking – my stress buster (Guest Post)

This week we have a guest post from Geraldine, Halcyon Complementary Therapies

“Walking is man’s best medicine” Hippocrates

I couldn’t agree more! I am writing this on Monday morning and it has been a very stressful morning in our house for lots of different reasons. It culminated with me running late and ending up doing the school run in the car, which on a beautiful, clear autumnal morning feels like such a waste.

Driving back home my mind was running through this morning’s events, winding me up to a frenzy before switching on to the extremely long list of things I have to do today and all under time pressure………so I did the only sensible thing I could do, decided to ignore it all and head out for a walk.

I walked down to the beach and along the promenade for 30 minutes, making the decision to switch off my mind and tune into my senses.

I saw the beautiful clear blue sky, which was reflected in the beauty of a rolling sea. I noticed the green of the Purbeck Hills and the downs of the Isle of Wight, set against the white chalk of their cliffs. I saw the miles of golden sand from Hengistbury Head on to Sandbanks and across to Studland.

I listened to the waves as they rolled onto the shore like thunder and dragged back across the shingle. The wind roared in my ears.

The smell of ozone was tangy and sharp and the westerly wind smelt clear and fresh.

I immersed myself in my walk and allowed my senses to enjoy the natural beauty of the world around me. As I did so I felt this morning’s stress dissolve. I felt the tension in my shoulders release, my clenched jaw loosen and my mind quieten. I relaxed and the world looked and felt like a much better place.

Coming home I’ve since made a list of things to do, feeling better prepared and able to cope. I’ve released the anxiety around the earlier stressful events simply because I have been able to put them in perspective. Within half an hour I’ve written my blog…………….and all because I took a walk!

So next time you need a fresh perspective or to find a way to release stress and tension get outside and enjoy the benefits of a good walk.