Out And About

One of the benefits of working online is that, in theory, you can work from anywhere. As long as you have your trusty laptop and a decent internet connection there is no reason why you can’t be out seeing the world while still providing a sterling service to your clients.

In practice, it doesn’t quite work like that…

The reality for me is quite different. In the mornings, I get the kids and hubby up and out, walk the dog, and then by 9am I am ensconced at the dining room table and I don’t budge till 3 when my youngest son needs picking up from school. I might then move as far as the upstairs office to finish off my tasks for the day. It is actually lovely and I get tons of work done in a great environment, but it is not out and about!

This month Syma and I have decided to challenge ourselves to get out and about and test out some of our local cafes and hotels as places to work. We are going to take our weekly strategy meeting to different locations and see how we fare. We were inspired by the Top 10 budget restaurants and cafes in Bournemouth article in the Guardian. We’re going to see if we can combine a good lunch with a productive afternoon of work. We’ll let you know how we get on.