One Size Does Not Fit All

Although small businesses have many similarities, there is not one solution for each area of business that fits everyone. We have our favourite systems and methods, but one of Coastal VAs strengths is the ability to adapt what we know to the individual circumstances of each client.

In some cases, there are unique features to a business which mean a stock solution just won’t work. In these cases, we need to look a bit deeper to find the solution. In all cases, whether we look at a stock solution or a bespoke one, we want to know:

  • Why are you doing this?
  • What is the outcome you want?
  • How have you done it before? What worked and didn’t work with that method?

Often just answering these questions will allow our client to have an “ah ha!” moment and, with our experience, we can offer a much more efficient or more effective way of achieving what they want.

I want it all!

The other issue clients face is that they often have too many ideas of what they want to do. They may want to do more marketing to new clients, follow-up with current clients, start a blog, do more social media, update their website, be better about invoicing on time, and so on. Sometimes they find they skip from one project to another, not making significant progress on any front. Alternatively, they get caught up delivering their service and can’t seem to make a start on any of their ideas.

We love these clients as they are super excited about improving their businesses and we know we can help them. We offer these clients an objective eye and we can help them see which projects will have the biggest impact on their business. With a bit of careful planning and a phased approach our clients can have it all!

We are happy to talk through your business ideas and let you know how Coastal VAs can help you achieve your goals. Contact us at to book a free consultation.