Love Your Website Too

Lately we have seen a trend in our clients to be drawn away from their websites and blogs by the lure of social media. They find when they share their knowledge on social media such as Twitter or Facebook they get immediate feedback; Likes, comments, re-tweets, etc. It is fun and satisfying for them to know they are reaching people.

Whereas, when they post a blog or update their website there is no immediate response. It can feel like a waste of time and we have seen several clients drifting away from their websites and blogs and generally neglecting them.

Don’t let this be you!

Social Media can be fun and it is essential for small business, but don’t forget the wealth of information that can be held on your website. You can use Social Media to draw people in, but when they are considering working with you, they need a bulk of information to look at. They want to read other things you have written (blogs), know your history (about page), know how you work and your prices (services page) and understand your philosophy (your whole website!)

It breaks my heart when I see small business write long and beautifully crafted posts and then only share them on Facebook. Over the next few days (not even a week), the post is pushed down the page and then basically lost. If instead they wrote it as a blog and posted it on their website it would be available, searchable, and present for months and years.

So, please don’t neglect your website and your blog. Keep them up to date and then share them through your social media.

  • If you write a seasonal post (e.g. Winter Blues or Summer Sun), it will be relevant again next winter or summer.
  • If you write about a situation or condition, people will still be facing similar situations or conditions next month or next year.

Make sure you add your key words to your posts so they can be found through search engines. Also, don’t be afraid to share previous posts on Social Media regularly. You are growing your networks all the time and not everyone will have seen your post when it was first shared. If you can add a current comment when you share it (e.g. if it is relevant to current news or events) then even better.

Coastal VAs is happy to help you put in place a PLAN for keeping your website fresh, posting your blogs and spreading your reach. Contact us at to book a free consultation!