Top Tips for Making the Most of LinkedIn

Following on from last weeks post about Facebook and Twitter, I wanted to expand on the third key Social Media platform we recommend which is LinkedIn. I wrote the post below about making the most of LinkedIn, but when I re-read it I thought “Oh no! This is sooooo boring.” I don’t think LinkedIn is boring at all, it is actually fantastic, but it is a very different type of Social Media. All Social Media is about connecting and communicating but, where Facebook and Twitter are light, quick and chatty,  LinkedIn is generally more serious and provides a platform to really showcase yourself as a professional. LinkedIn can be a very powerful, so please don’t give up on the article below… it will help!


Top Tips for Making the Most of LinkedIn

Complete your profile

Your profile on LinkedIn is about you as a business professional. It includes details that would be included on your resume such as your education, work experience and skills. You are asked to provide a summary and this is your chance to sell yourself and your expertise.

Build up your reach by creating connections

Within LinkedIn you create connections with other people. You can request to connect with someone and they then have the opportunity to accept or ignore your request. People tend to be more selective on LinkedIn and often connect only with relevant people within their industry.

Post regularly to showcase your expertise

Posting on LinkedIn is generally done less frequently than on other Social Media and we would suggest limiting this to your blog and significant comment on developments/articles of interest.

Send direct messages to targeted people

You can send direct messages to your connections, so you can send personalised messages to new connections or targeted individuals.

Join groups and contribute with comments

Many groups exist on LinkedIn and this is a chance for you to comment and interact with a specific community. You may even consider starting your own group on a topic that is key to you and your business.

If you would like Coastal VAs to help you make the most of your LinkedIn presence, please feel free to contact us for a chat.