Colourful Organisation

  • Do you struggle to get organised with paper work?
  • Do you hate the ugly stacks of paper all over your desk?
  • Are you sure there are important things in there you are missing?

One solution to your procrastination and avoidance of paper work may be to bring a bit of colour and joy to the job! Treat yourself to some binders and stationary that you like in colours that make you smile. They don’t have to be expensive, there are lots of exciting designs available at very reasonable prices. (These binders came from Wilkinsons and the dividers from G&Ts, definitely a bargain!)

Don’t feel you have to be restricted by what others would consider good organisation. For example, you don’t have to file things alphabetically or in specific categories. What you need is a system that works for you. Categories that are meaningful to you and naming tabs in a way that is clear for yourself.

Just make a start and feel confident in adapting as you go along. If one binder is bursting, split it into two sub-categories or into date ranges. If a few binders turn out to be mostly empty combine them together.

Stacked on your bookshelf or arranged on your desk, binders and boxes can make a lovely display. Something to make you smile instead of frown.