Business Counselling

I was speaking to a client the other day and he was going through all the things he needs to sort out and wants to change in his business. He said with a laugh “I feel so much better saying all this out loud, it is like business counselling…”

This is one of the hard to explain, but hugely important, things that a really good Virtual Assistant can offer to a client. We can sit down and talk with you to draw out and pin down your problems, needs and goals. Having them clearly outlined is a huge first step and offers a sense of release that can be both liberating and energising.

We then, crucially, offer the follow up to move you ahead from where you stand now. A typical outcome from a “business counselling” session would include:

  • A list of things that the client will do themselves – right now!
  • A list of items that need addressing and an outline of how Coastal VAs can help.
  • A list of things to be addressed and tackled in the future and a timeline of when they need working on.

Pinning things down, outlining solutions and prioritising like this is a huge value we offer our clients. It allows them to escape the continual round and round thinking trap and, instead, make strides in the right direction.

We’ve always called these sessions Business Consultations, but we think the term Business Counselling might catch on 😉