60 Second Pitch

We have signed up to go to a networking event later this month and they have asked us to do a one minute pitch for our business. This has got me thinking… what is the most important point to make in a one minute pitch?

The phrase that keeps popping into my mind is that the key, fundamental benefit to working with Coastal VAs is that you get Syma and me on your team.

To hire either of us full time would be beyond the means, and frankly beyond the needs, of our clients. What they want is to tap in to this level of resource for just a few hours a week. Coastal VAs makes that possible.

I think this needs to be the basis of our 1 minute pitch. It would be very easy to blow 60 seconds in explaining what a VA is and what they do. Instead, I need to find a way to explain what our value is and how we enhance our clients lives. This is a much harder concept to pin down!

We will let you know how we get on…